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IT Staffing & Consulting

Manpower is the biggest asset for any organization. It’s important to find the talent which fits perfectly into your company’s vision and goals. For years KuebikoIT has found the very best talent in IT services through a national and global network of recruiters to cater the needs of organizations of all sizes.

We identify and understand the business goals of the organization to provide accurate consulting for staffing fulfillment. We have helped organizations contain cost, reduce overtime, reduce turnover or increase the productivity of your workforce, just through proper structuring of the workforce

Testing & QA

KuebikoIT helps deliver quality products that benefit end users with the best experience. Our quality assurance and testing ensures your product works perfectly and enhances your customers’ life. We establish quality standards, goals and methodologies. We carefully implement each step to take in order to increase the quality of your software, so that it meets top level performance requirements.

  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing

Testing & QA

IT Training Services

KuebikoIT has a range of programs to train the next gen of IT professionals or just individuals looking to enhance their skill set. Beginning from simple skills like managing computer networks, developing software, IT security and cloud platform technologies. Take part in building the future with expertise in IT development and management. Learn specialized skills like software designing, parallel programming, quality assurance, testing, AI and IT security with our online and offline training programs. 

The trainers are handpicked experienced professionals who are working in the industry with live project experience. The flexible timings and training content design allows seamless learning experience for each individual and equips them with the ability to build projects on their own.

Devops Services

Faster delivery speeds from a stable, reliable environment through enhanced collaboration between development and operations with DevOps. Streamline and automate the flow of your product’s lifecycle, from design and development to deployment & operations. Our customized DevOps strategies enable you to successfully migrate to agile Cloud infrastructure. Our solutions automate away inefficiencies and improve the quality and reliability of software products.

Devops Services

Development Services

Custom website development for businesses that need fast, feature-rich, fabulous looking websites. Expert team with proficiency in multiple website development technologies to design and develop websites of all shapes and sizes. 

  • Informational Websites
  • Blogs websites
  • Ecommerce website
  • Business Portals
  • Portfolio and resume websites

Career Placement

Career Placement Services from KuebikoIT

  • Large Client portfolio 
  • Multiple Successful Candidate Placed 
  • Quick initial screening
  • Global placement opportunities
  • Expert guidance for career building
  • Feedback and continuous support

Career Placement

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